About Ski Current Logistics

Wherever you are in Nigeria, in whatever sector, you can rely on our team of experts to provide you with express delivery services to make your business faster, simpler and more efficient.

Our Goal

To provide stress free and affordable express logistics services to enhance your business need.

Our Vision

  • To create a world where goods, raw material and finished products move quickly, and without delays from any location within Lagos and it’s environments
  • To build a world where information technology and logistics shrink time and distance, ensuring competitive advantages for all businesses

Our Values


We believe our clients are our best assets, and will go to any length possible to ensure complete satisfaction in all we do by creating and developing customized customer driven solutions at all times.


We will attract, develop and retain the best team members in an atmosphere that encourages open communication and respect for others, as well as constant training of team members.


We will be honest, fair and reliable in our day-to-day interaction with customers and fellow employees.


We will accept nothing less than total and complete customer satisfaction, and will hold ourselves accountable for all our actions.