Procurement Service
What is Ski Current Logistics Procurement Service?

Procurement Service is a part of Ski current logistics services. We assist in buying Chinese, UK and USA products for our users following the users’requirement. We understand how busy life can get, and you may not always have the time to manage bulk orders yourself and go through with the process of ordering and shipment. Worry not, we have got you covered. Also, we provide a one-stop solution including shopping advice, quality inspection, warehousing and shipping Services. We will make sure that you receive the products you want. Using our Procurement Service will be easier than making the purchase by yourself!

Procurement Procedure
Procurement Step one
Step one

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Procurement Step two
Step two

Submit your Shopping Order Link

Procurement Step three
Step three

Fund your Ski current account to complete your order

Procurement Step four
Step four

Wait for Ski Current to receive the product And Warehouse Stock In

Likewise, we procure items from online stores like Amazon, eBay, AliExpress etc., but are restricted by the spending limited on your card? Not to worry, our procurement team @skicurrentlogistics has got you covered. With our procurement service expertise, we can help you purchase your desired items and quantity without a worry on spending limits and also save you the stress and hassle of online shopping. Call/DM us and let’s help you procure those gadgets, laptops, accessories, clothes, and much more from US, UK and China to Nigeria. Call our procurement team today on 01 343 8283.

The procurement fee is charged at 10% of the total value of items procured, which is exclusive of shipping rates.

What You Need to Know about Ski Current Logistics Services for the First Time

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To avoid delays, remember to always include your full name, warehouse code and the company name Ski Current Logistics in the Address. Proper addressing will reduce the risk of the items being misplaced, returned, or wrongly delivered to another location due to incomplete delivery information.

NOTE:when items are being shipped, it must be repackaged properly for international standard when it’s received at the warehouse. This is to avoid damages when the item is on transit.